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Bloomex Sets a Record on Mother's Day

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Ottawa, May 15 2010- Bloomex Inc makes a record number of deliveries over Mother’s day weekend.The whopping 12 585 deliveries made across Canada, really displays how much we Canadians appreciate our mothers.

Bloomex president, Dimitri Lokhonia, stated that his operations teams worked together to make these deliveries over Mother’s Day weekend, May 8- 9 2010. Through excellent planning and communication between the production managers across North America, fresh floras were distributed to the Canadian production centres from Miami. Bloomex customer service agent’s, and operators confirmed orders, and sent them forward to the production offices, who got to work creating beautiful bouquets and baskets for our mothers. Well organized and prepared, the delivery teams were able to efficiently produce on time deliveries for over 12 000 customers across Canada.

Year after year communities practice the Mothers day tradition, and take sending our gifts to our mothers, who may be far away, seriously. Knowing that you can count on a company like Bloomex, who has the capacity to turn over 12 585 deliveries in 2 days, confirms that Bloomex is Canada’s largest family owned floral retailer.

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